Alienware Aurora R16

The Alienware Aurora R16 re-envisions the PC chassis with a new modern style, reduced form factor, and improved airflow. The clear side panel returns to reveal the system internals, with the Asetek Gen7 AIO
CPU cooler taking center stage.

Asetek Gen7 pump technology leverages a host of new features to improve performance and provide quieter operation.

  • Maximum performance along with industry-recognized quality and reliability.
  • Out-of-Bounds temperature sensing. The cooler continuously monitors the liquid temperature and automatically boosts the pump speed to clear any temperature excursions, ensuring smooth system operation for an immersive gameplay experience.
  • Safety features to ensure the liquid temperature stays within limits for normal safe operation.
  • Even quieter operation versus previous technology generations.
  • System improvements resulting in enhanced permeation resistance and increased durability.