Asetek SimSports® Announces Invicta™ Quick Release Adapter Kit

Invicta™ Quick Release Adapter Maximizes Wheel Options Compatible with Asetek SimSports® Wheelbases

Aalborg, Denmark – June 29, 2023 –– Asetek, the no-compromise sim racing company and innovator of gaming hardware for next-level immersive gaming experiences, today announced its Asetek SimSports® Invicta™ Quick Release Adapter Kit, enabling sim racers to easily mount wheels that they already own to 27Nm Invicta, 18Nm Forte®, or 12Nm La Prima™ Direct Drive Wheelbases from Asetek SimSports. With the Invicta Quick Release Adapter Kit, sim racers can now get their choice in steering wheels along with a robust and easy-to-use wheel connection, as well as the immersive experience of optimal force feedback from any of Asetek SimSports wheelbases.

Successfully tested with a variety of 3rd party wheels, the Invicta Quick Release Adapter fits all wheels with a 6mm x 70mm and 6mm x 50.8mm bolt pattern. The adapter also features integrated power and data, allowing for hassle-free connectivity between the wheel and wheelbase. To learn more, watch the video entitled Presenting the Invicta™ Quick Release.”

Sold as a kit with three shaft lengths and a mounting flange included, the adapter features high quality billet aluminum parts machined at our own factory in Denmark to ultra-high tolerances, ultra-fine tolerances to ensure a perfect fit, as well as integrated electronics. Features of the kit include:

  • 80mm, 150mm and 200mm shaft lengths (total Quick Release lengths)
  • Mounting flange supporting 70mm & 50.8mm bolt patterns
  • Integrated PCBA featuring optional power and USB support
  • Designed and manufactured in Denmark with state-of-the-art CNC machines

Starting in late June 2023, sim racers can place their orders by going to the official Asetek SimSports® Webshop.

  • Asetek SimSports Invicta Quick Release Adapter Kit is available to order at €126,04 excluding VAT ($149.99 excluding sales tax when available for sale in the U.S.). To learn more or purchase click here.

“Our goal is to enable sim racers of all levels to experience the feel of a real racecar while providing ease of use, choice, and upgradeability,” said André Sloth Eriksen, CEO and founder of Asetek. “With the Invicta Quick Release Adapter Kit sim racers get their choice of steering wheels along with all of the feature and customization options of our high-performance wheelbases.”

In addition to sim racing wheels, wheelbases, pedal sets, pedal upgrade kits, footrests and pedal plates, Asetek SimSports will also offer shifters, rigs, and other end-user customization options.

About Asetek
A Danish garage-to-stock-exchange success story and global leader in mechatronic innovation, Asetek (ASTK) designs, manufactures and sells gaming hardware for next-level immersive gaming experiences. Founded in 2000, Asetek established its innovative position as the leading OEM developer and producer of the all-in-one liquid cooler for all major PC & Enthusiast gaming brands. In 2013, Asetek went public. In 2021, Asetek expanded its offering of gaming hardware solutions when it introduced its line of products for next-level immersive sim racing gaming experiences. Asetek is headquartered in Denmark and has operations in China, Taiwan and the United States.

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