First All-In-One Liquid Cooling Solutions from Razer Incorporate Asetek’s Advanced Liquid Cooling Technology

Aalborg, Denmark – October 21, 2021 –– Asetek, the creator of the all-in-one liquid (AIO) cooler and the global leader in liquid cooling solutions for gaming PCs and DIY enthusiasts, announced today that Razer has introduced its first AIO CPU coolers, leveraging the superior thermal and acoustic performance and reliability associated with Asetek’s advanced liquid cooling technology. The Razer Hanbo AIO liquid coolers provide advanced CPU overclocking capability, RGB lighting, and virtually silent operation to gamers, tech enthusiasts, and eSports pros.

When defining its initial component solutions, Razer looked to Asetek to provide targeted liquid cooling of CPUs, in a simple to install closed-loop solution. The companies worked together to create the Razer Hanbo RGB AIO Series, with 240mm and 360mm radiator sizes. The Razer Hanbo AIO coolers are designed for maximum thermal performance, optimized intake design, silent operation, and improved reliability.

The Razer Hanbo AIO Coolers will also support Razer’s Chroma(TM) software for simple and easy-to-use personalization plus seamless integration with existing RGB gear. Now, for the first time, the gaming community can benefit from the performance, quality and reliability of Asetek advanced liquid cooling technology combined with the ultimate customization experience delivered by Chroma software.

“When deciding to offer a high-performance AIO liquid cooling solution, we knew a premium liquid cooler partner would be critical to the performance we were demanding of our product offering. Razer customers expect only the best high-performance solutions, so we made the decision to partner with Asetek,” said Richard Hashim, Vice President Systems Growth at Razer. “With our Razer Hanbo AIO liquid coolers, our customers get maximum overclocking capability, extremely quiet operation, improved reliability, and Razer RGB ID and Chroma software. And this is just the beginning. Stay tuned for additional products as we work closely with Asetek on future innovative offerings.”

“We are absolutely thrilled to engage with Razer, the world’s leading lifestyle brand for gamers. Just as Razer has dominated in the PC peripheral space, we expect them to do it again in the high-performance PC components space,” said John Hamill, Chief Operating Officer at Asetek. “We at Asetek look forward to partnering with Razer to deliver more high-performance products to the global gaming community in the future.”

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About Razer

Razer™ is the world’s leading lifestyle brand for gamers.

The triple-headed snake trademark of Razer is one of the most recognized logos in the global gaming and esports communities. With a fan base that spans every continent, the company has designed and built the world’s largest gamer-focused ecosystems of hardware, software and services.

Razer’s award-winning hardware includes high-performance peripherals and Blade Gaming laptops.

Razer’s software platform, with over 150 million users, includes Synapse (an Internet of Things platform), Razer Chroma RGB (a proprietary RGB lighting technology system supporting thousands of devices and hundreds of games/apps), and Razer Cortex (a game optimizer and launcher).

Razer also offers payment services for gamers, youth, millennials and GenZ. Razer Gold is one of the world’s largest game payment services, and Razer Fintech provides fintech services in emerging markets.

Founded in 2005, Razer is headquartered in Irvine (California) with regional headquarters in Hamburg, Shanghai and Singapore. Razer has 18 offices worldwide and is recognized as the leading brand for gamers in the USA, Europe and China. Razer is listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange (Stock Code: 1337).

About Asetek
Asetek (ASTK.OL), a global leader in mechatronic innovation, is a Danish garage-to-stock-exchange success story. Founded in 2000, Asetek established its innovative position as the leading OEM developer and producer of the all-in-one liquid cooler for all major PC & Enthusiast gaming brands. In 2013, Asetek went public while expanding into energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly cooling solutions for data centers. In 2021, Asetek is introducing its line of products for next-level immersive SimSports gaming experiences. Asetek is headquartered in Denmark and has operations in China, Taiwan, and the United States.

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