A closer look at the Invicta sim racing pedals with Asetek CEO André Eriksen


In this video, you get a thorough walkthrough of the first product from Asetek SimSports: Invicta, the high-end sim racing pedals.

Our CEO André Sloth Eriksen talks about how he has been involved in motorsports for most of his life. He explains the mechanics of how real-world racing works and how we have built that into the Invicta pedals.

André then gives an up-close look at our patented T.H.O.R.P. design in the pedals’ brake cylinder. You also get a first look at the alpha version of our software RaceHub which in time will allow you to calibrate all your Asetek SimSports products in a flash.

Lastly, André gives a sneak peek into our testing room, where we push our hardware prototypes for maximum reliability.

Time codes for video:

00:00 Intro
00:24 A Life in Motorsports and inspiration for Asetek SimSports
03:57 Braking Mechanics in a Real Race Car
08:27 Braking Technique and Downforce
10:07 Design and Function of the Invicta pedals
16:40 Design of the Brake Cylinder – T.H.O.R.P.
18:30 Functionality in The RaceHub software
23:06 Hardware Tested for Reliability
24:49 Easy Adjustment of Brake Travel and Hardness
26:26 The Hardware Testing Room

With Invicta and all our future sim racing products, we want to make you feel like a real race car driver.

To achieve that, you have to know real motorsports first and then know how to engineer that into the end product for the sim racers at home. At Asetek SimSports, we work with performance, precision, and passion in all our products to achieve that.

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