Asetek Highlights Global Leadership in HPC Liquid Cooling at SC16

Monday, November 21, 2016

At SC16, Asetek displayed cost effective solutions from OEMs such as CIARA®, Cray®, Format®, Fujitsu®, and Penguin®. Liquid cooling for NVIDIA® P100 (Pascal) and Intel® Knight’s Landing™ were also on display. Intel Knight’s Landing server nodes featured both Asetek RackCDU D2C™ and ServerLSL™ liquid cooling.

Demonstrating Asetek’s adaptability to any data center cooling need, HPC installations from around the world were featured. Servers from these installations featuring Asetek liquid cooling were on display including servers installed at Oakforest-PACS, the highest-performance supercomputer system in Japan.

Asetek solutions for HPC data centers includes RackCDU D2C(Direct-to-Chip), RackCDU ISAC™ (In-Server Air Conditioning), and ServerLSL (Server Level Sealed Loop). RackCDU D2C provides cooling energy savings greater than 50% and density increases of 2.5x-5x. RackCDU ISAC is a sealed server solution which captures over 90% of heat load into liquid. ServerLSL provides liquid assisted air cooling for server nodes, replacing less efficient air coolers and enabling the servers to incorporate the highest performing CPUs and GPUs.

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