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With our expert knowledge from Mechatronics, Asetek is now moving into SimSports. In this video our CEO André Eriksen tells about Asetek stepping into the SimSports market.

Asetek is the inventor of the all-in-one liquid coolers that are found in many PCs around the world. You may even, unknowingly, have one yourself.

We are most likely the favorite OEM brand of your favorite brand – such as NZXT, EVGA, or ASUS (and many others).

But we do more than liquid cooling for gaming PCs – we also liquid cool massive data centers around the globe. We help them improve their density, consume less power, and reuse waste heat – all of which benefits you, me, and good old mother earth, by reducing the carbon footprint we as gamers, racers, and humans in general leave behind.

Asetek has spent the last 20 years innovating and specializing in some key areas: Mechanics, software, and hardware.

Combine these and you get what is popularly called Mechatronics. We are passionate about Mechatronics. About making high performance, precision components that benefit gamers and enthusiasts around the World.

Being passionate about simulators, and especially racing ourselves we got frustrated by the solutions currently available. Their software wasn’t ideal and you always have to choose between performance and aesthetics. We asked ourselves: Do we REALLY have to pick just one? We quickly agreed that is not an ideal solution – by any measurement.

That is why we at Asetek have decided to use our passion for innovation and expertise within technology, mechanicals, electronics, and software to expand our business into SimSports. We will kick off our complete state-of-the-art product offering this year, offering products that are simple, affordable, high-quality, and aesthetically pleasing.

The first product we will launch is our pedals which will available from our website and retailers in the fall of 2021.

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