Benefits of a Hard and Short Brake Pedal – The 2-stage System of the Hydraulic Invicta Pedals


In this video, Asetek founder and CEO André Eriksen show why the patented brake system of the Invicta pedals is like nothing else on the sim racing market.

Our philosophy is to provide you with sim racing hardware that simulates real-life racing as closely as possible. A unique feature of the hydraulic Invicta pedals is that the brake pedal is ROCK hard.

Think about it: If a soft brake pedal helped you drive faster, all race cars from Formula to GT would have it. But they don’t.

Why? Because a hard brake pedal will allow you to brake later. The motorsport engineering behind this is a ‘2-stage system’ when braking: the ‘soft’ stage and the ‘hard’ stage. Combined with a short travel, this can help you save the milliseconds needed to take pole position when sim racing.

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