Introducing Invicta: The Ultimate Sim Racing Pedals


At Asetek, we’ve been producing best-in-class liquid cooling for gamers and PC enthusiasts for 20 years. We know how to make great stuff!

Now we have put all that brainpower and passion into sim racing. The Invicta Pedals is the first fruit of that labor.

Invicta is the name of our high-end sim racing product line. Invicta in Latin means ’undefeated’ or ’unconquered’, and that’s precisely what we want you to become!

Pedals are a core part of any sim racing setup, and Invicta is a set of sim racing pedals with a hydraulic brake system designed to simulate the pressure and feeling of a real racecar.

Performance: Our engineers have been testing with real-world race car drivers since Day 1, and we have done this to give you the choice:

Want to “just” shave off some tenths of your best lap times? Invicta will help you do that. Want to completely immerse yourself in a racing experience using a racing simulator that will provide everything but the smell of burning rubber? Invicta will be a crucial piece of your racing simulator as well.

Precision: The pedals are designed and tested with up to 200 bars of pressure in the hydraulic system and up to 200 kilograms of mechanical pedal pressure.

In our testing environment, we have exceeded a million activations, and so we believe our sim racing pedals will provide the proper feel and reliability for years of use for competitive sim racers.

The default product configuration consists of throttle and brake with the clutch available for add-on.

RaceHub: Using our custom-made software, RaceHub, racers will be able to quickly calibrate and fine-tune the settings to their preference. In time RaceHub will be the bridge between all Asetek SimSports products from pedals to steering wheels, shifters – everything.

The pedal base, with an integrated heel stop, features a cool LED stripe that lets you customize the colors or completely turn it off.

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