How Liquid Cooling Works

Asetek liquid cooling systems have three basic elements: a very efficient integrated pump, reservoir and cold plate unit; a heat exchanger (radiator) and finally, connecting tubes to transport the liquid. The integrated pump and cold plate unit is a direct replacement for the standard CPU air cooled heat sink. The specialized heat exchanger is mounted behind the rear chassis fan(s) with the tubes connecting the pump and heat exchanger together.

The cold plate transfers heat from the CPU into the cooling liquid. The integrated pump assembly pushes warm liquid to the heat exchanger and draws cool liquid back to the cold plate. Asetek's liquid cooling delivers what is equivalent to 3 metric tons of liquid per minute for every square meter of die area. This flow rate in conjunction with Asetek's enhanced heat transfer cold plate heat exchanger can remove heat from the surface of the processor very effectively.

Finally, the system fan(s) blow air across the heat exchanger exhausting CPU heat totally outside of the chassis, benefiting all of the other components on the motherboard.