Asetek SimSports Quick Release Sim Racing Wheel

All quick releases aren’t made equal. In fact, there’s a significant difference in what you want as a sim racer and in real racing – sim racing requires perfection to the tee, where real racing is all about function.

Follow as our CEO and Founder, André, explains the difference between quick releases and gives you a sneak peek behind the curtains of what is to come from Asetek SimSports. This is the very first look of our upcoming Quick Release connection for Direct Drive wheelbases and wheels. It features zero play, power connection, and support for substantial data transfer.

In January of 2021 Asetek acquired a significant amount of Intellectual Property Rights from Granite Devices, who makes the Simucube wheelbases. In this IP acquisition, the right to use, further develop, and enhance the Simucube quick release was included.

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