SFF: Mini Monster Builds – 10 of the Best Small Form Factors Right Now

Top 10’s, who doesn’t like these? Today we’re diving into a growing community that we are super fascinated by – Small Form Factor, or SFF for short. The SFF builders are basically obsessed with cramming as much high-end hardware as possible into tiny enclosures, and we know that Asetek has supported this effort with the tiny Asetek 645LT AIO cooler. Not too long ago, we also featured the  645LT in an article here on our liquid cooling blog.

So without hesitations, here are 10 of the most amazing SFF builds we’ve found!


This absolutely crazy Dan-Cases A4 has been custom painted and features i9-9900K, RTX 2080Ti and has even been brought to Afghanistan! Well played mate, stay safe! Video here

Credit: u/TheRealTokyotim


Look at those clean looking tubes. The cable management is on point. The feet and handles almost makes it look industrial! Specs include Ryzen 3600, Asetek 645LT, 1080Ti FE and obviously the Kolink Rocket. More pictures

Credit: u/jamesleomorris


Well obviously any good SFF build needs a name. This guy wen’t full Noctua and named his case: “Count Noctua”. While we obviously think it is missing some liquid cooling action – that is a super sweet build! Look at those custom Noctua brown cables! Specs include Sliger SM580 and the Ryzen 3700X along with an RTX 2070 Mini. See the Reddit thread here.

Credit: u/CountNoctua


This is the Hyperion SFF with matching controller. Don’t be deceived by the controller, this is actually a powerful PC! Built in the Fractal Design Node 202 and specs include i5-9600K and a 1070 FE. The thread is here.

Credit: u/Deskinsxx


Crossing into new territory. This Jonsbo UMX1 Plus ITX case has received the full custom loop treatment, custom fluid and by the looks of it also custom painted fans. It has hardline tubing and the specs aren’t bad either! i5-4670K, GTX 1070 and HyperX memory. Full thread here.


This super clean setup features the Louqe Ghost S1 with an external radiator and custom loop on the inside! The layout is super creative and features a custom PSU as well as opaque dye! Specs include a 6600K @ 4.4GHz and a GTX 1080. Full Reddit thread.

Credit: u/Chap-eau


Another Louqe Ghost S1 SFF case. This time in a more stock (but still modded) version. The entire build is held within the case and it includes only off-the-shelf components. The build features 9900K @ 4.7GHz all cores, Asetek 645LT and an EVGA RTX 2080 Ti. Read more here.

Credit: u/brolynitro


NZXT H200 Ryzen build looking all kinds of amazing! This specific build features a custom loop, monitor inside the case and a lot of other cool features. Obviously this guy is a member of the PCMR. Don’t miss the other pictures on

Credit: user cwspellowe


It really isn’t a build list without a full RGB rainbow build in 2020, is it now? This build was done in the NZXT H200 and features a 6700k, GTX 1070 Ti and obviously lots of RGB goodness! NZXT Kraken X52, NZXT Aer RGB fans, and RGB cables… Yes, RGB CABLES!!! The Madness. More pictures available on

Credit: user Esterichiacoli


This tiny SFF powerhouse was found over at and is absolutely amazing! Obviously a lot of time, effort and dedication has gone into this build. The build was done in a GEEEK A60 case, and features an i9-9900K, NZXT Kraken X52 as well as an RTX 2080. Obviously there’s the custom sidepanel as well, which just looks amazing!

Credit: User Xab3r on

And that completes our round up of 10 of the most amazing SFF builds around right now. Obviously if we have missed some, or you know of builds we should include you are very welcome to contact us on our Discord.

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