D2C Ingredient Coolers

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Asetek Direct to Chip (D2C) liquid cooling technology dramatically increased data center density and enabled maximum sustained CPU throughput. D2C liquid cooling provided a distributed cooling architecture to address the full range of heat rejection scenarios in air- and liquid-cooled data centers.


CPU and GPU Cooling

At the heart of Asetek liquid cooling architecture is the D2C Ingredient Cooler, an integrated pump and cold plate assembly used to cool CPUs and GPUs within servers. Ingredient Coolers are available for the latest CPUs from Intel and AMD.

Integration of the cold plate with the pump has several benefits:

  • Reduced connections and improved reliability
  • Low profile design is a drop-in replacement for air heat sinks and fits in a 1U chassis
  • Low-pressure system for high reliability and minimizes stress on connections
  • Redundancy built in for servers with multiple processors

Memory and VR Cooling

Heat generated from other components in the server, such as memory modules and voltage regulators, can also be cooled. On an individual basis, the heat generated by these modules may be low in comparison to a CPU. However, the additional heat load quickly becomes significant after considering how many are installed in a server and across the cluster.

Specially designed cooling chambers and passive cold plates were added into the cooling loop to increase the overall heat that the cooling loop has captured.

Tubes and Dripless Quick Connectors

Asetek’s tube and quick connector system is the result of extensive research to achieve high reliability, assure low permeability, and cost effectiveness for OEMs. Asetek undertook an 18-month engineering effort to develop a rubber-based compound that achieved ultra-low permeability with the added durability and flexibility demanded in server applications.

The Asetek dripless quick connectors provide a fast, safe and drip-free connections between the server coolers and heat rejection devices.  The quick connector has an easy press-and-twist-to-connect coupling with integrated locking mechanism and double-sided non-spill shutoff valves.

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