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InRackCDU™ – For Liquid-Cooled Data Centers

The Asetek lnRackCDU is a warm water CDU (Cooling Distribution Unit) system capable of removing up to 80kW of heat from the rack. The system was designed to be installed in liquid cooled data centers and has enabled the deployment of high wattage processors in clusters with high interconnect densities while it has reduced overall data center cooling costs.

Designed to work with Asetek Direct-to-Chip (D2C) cooling loops that captures between 60-80% of server heat, the heat is then rejected by the lnRackCDU to facilitate water in a highly efficient all liquid path. InRackCDU removes heat from CPUs, memory modules, and other high heat components within servers using water as hot as 45°C (113°F), eliminating the need for expensive and inefficient chillers.

Features and Benefits

  • Rack-mounted 4U cabinet with liquid-to-liquid (L2L) heat exchanger
  • Rejects up to 80kW of heat from the rack
  • Captures 60% to 80% of server heat with Asetek D2C cooling loops
  • Supports up to 3 cooling loops per RU
  • 2.5x-5x increases in rack density
  • Tool-less connection on facility hoses to simplify installation
  • Monitoring system reports out system warnings and alarms

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