Our Values

Hard work
We are a young team in a young company. We expect a lot from each other and we have a great sense of wanting to succeed as a team.

Our customers have a choice. And we want to be chosen as the partner - not only for an initial project, but for a serious period of time. Only by always offering our very best and always being able to support the customers wholeheartedly will we have a chance to become the preferred supplier of thermal management solutions.

In a world full of changes, we aim at creating an environment where we stay loyal towards ourselves and our customers. Only by being loyal can we create that extra room for creativity and value-add we all pursue.

A given, yes – but still we point it out. Our society is full of temptations and the honest path is narrow, long and rocky. However, the personal gratification of following the right path to success outweighs by far the short termed joy arising from other, less honorable ways of achieving goals.

Fun is an often overlooked part of success. Fun is also something that can be created and supported. We urge our employees to bring fun ideas into the daily workplace.

Ties and jackets never brought success in any industry. A good sense of humor is always welcome.

Cost consciousness
We are a small company and we are all about bringing cost effective solutions to our customers. You guessed it: No first class flying here.

Our Business

Asetek is the world's leading provider of energy efficient liquid cooling systems for data centers, servers, workstations, gaming and high performance PCs. Its products are used for reducing power and greenhouse emissions, lowering acoustic noise, and achieving maximum performance by leading OEMs and channel partners around the globe.

Asetek’s products are based upon its patented all-in-one liquid cooling technology with more than 3 million liquid cooling units deployed in the field. Founded in 2000, Asetek is headquartered in Denmark with offices in California, China and Taiwan. For more information, visit

This is what we call:

Asetek is an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, gender, age, veteran status, political affiliation, sexual orientation, marital status or disability (in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act) with respect to employment opportunities. In accordance with Danish requirements, it is Asetek’s goal to have at least 15% of management positions held by women.

We always welcome your unsolicited application and resume. 
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