Moving People Through eSport

Lost youngsters living with conditions such as ADHD, childhood Autism, Asperger’s, and Tourette’s Syndrome are finding their way back into primary and scondary education while working with Asetek’s liquid coolers at the Exzentriq eSports Centre.


“At Exzentriq, we work with a wide and diverse target group, the majority of whom have a diagnosis on the autistic spectrum, often with comorbidity – and we have young people with psychiatric diagnoses, too. We are most grateful for the support, commitment and attention that Asetek gives us,”

– Casper Skafte, Founder of Exzentriq.


Asetek has donated goods including its own products, which are generating more buzz around Exzentriq’s important mission and its amazing success. The donated items include a high-end desktop PC from Alienware, one of Asetek’s long-standing partners – naturally featuring industry-leading Asetek liquid cooling of both CPU and GPU. Besides this, we are supporting Exzentriq through a number of initiatives, from sponsoring desk mats with the latest gaming surfaces to arranging on-site talks on PC hardware and computer troubleshooting.





“It is amazing to see how Excentriq works with these kids, giving them confidence to learn new skills and be part of a unique community,”

says Asetek’s Technology Evangelist Dennis Vesterbæk Hampe





If you want to learn more about our partnership with Exzentriq, check out our 2021 Sustainability Report

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