Promoting Human Potential and Diversity

It is our ambition to always offer a healthy, safe and developing working environment for all employees, customers and external partners in Asetek.


Our most important resource is our employees. Therefore, we will work to create a safe, healthy and developing working environment in which all employees can unfold their professional and personal potential in the best possible way.

However, Asetek is responsible not only for facilitating employee conditions in a socially responsible and fair manner, but also for promoting a culture in which employees consistently act responsibly towards customers, colleagues, Asetek and society in general. We will also promote equality and diversity, including increasing the proportion of the underrepresented gender at all levels of management.

As part of our newly updated commitment to sustainable development (Asetek’s sustainability policy), we are committed to continuously work to identify, prevent or mitigate potential and actual adverse impacts on human rights that we may cause or contribute to.



// We have conducted our first comprehensive human rights impact assessment

// We currently have 20% female representation in Asetek’s Board of Directors

// We currently have 18% female representation at other management levels in Asetek

GOALS 2023:

// We have implemented a human rights due diligence process

// We have conducted our first comprehensive human rights assessment

// We are systematically collecting data about all relevant employee conditions

Promoting diversity

As of December 31, 2021, the Board consists of 75% male and 25% female members against 20 % in 2020. Hence, Asetek has reached an equal distribution of women and men in the Board accord to Section 99 b of the Danish Financial Statements Act. . Our goal continues to be 30% female representation by 2025. When evaluating new potential board members, the Board of Directors encourages female candidates, while at the same time continuing to focus the search for relevant experience specific to Asetek.

At other management levels, there is 18% female representation at the end of 2021. During 2021 Asetek has continued to actively encourage women to apply for open positions as well as it has continued its communication with educational institutions which trains both male and female candidates.

During the year, Asetek has worked extensively with corporate social responsibility topics and we have strengthened our focus on and awareness around being an appealing workplace and has thereby generally sought to increase interest from both male and female applicants

Learn More About how we Promote Human Potential and Diversity

Beacuse we are very committed to sustainable development and recognize our own responsibility in this regard, we have made a Sustainability Report in which you can learn more about our approach to promoting human potential and diversity (among other things).

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