Moving People Through eSport

Under the slogan ‘Moving People Through eSport’, we have supported Exzentriq in their creation of a welcoming, ground-breaking eSport centre in Aalborg, Denmark.


“At Exzentriq, we work with a wide and diverse target group, the majority of whom have a diagnosis on the autistic spectrum, often with comorbidity – and we have young people with psychiatric diagnoses, too. We are most grateful for the support, commitment and attention that Asetek gives us,”

– Casper Skafte, Founder of Exzentriq.

Asetek has donated goods including its own products, which are generating more buzz around Exzentriq’s important mission and its amazing success. The donated items include a high-end desktop PC from Alienware, one of Asetek’s long-standing partners – naturally featuring industry-leading Asetek liquid cooling of both CPU and GPU. Besides this, we are supporting Exzentriq through a number of initiatives, from sponsoring desk mats with the latest gaming surfaces to arranging on-site talks on PC hardware and computer troubleshooting.


“It is amazing to see how Excentriq works with these kids, giving them confidence to learn new skills and be part of a unique community,”

says Asetek’s Technology Evangelist Dennis Vesterbæk Hampe

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