Asetek plays key role in fundraising for St. Jude Play Live

By sponsoring the ‘top donor prize’ in 2020, Asetek played a key role in helping Alienware attain its most successful fundraising year to date for St. Jude Play Live. This time, Alienware raised a total of over $66,000 for children with cancer at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.


According to Alienware, the Asetek-donated first prize significantly and positively heightened interest in the 2020 fundraising campaign. The prize won by the biggest donor to Alienware’s campaign was a custom PC with Asetek liquid cooling system, including St. Jude branding and an entire ecosystem (monitor, mouse, keyboard, headset and headset stand). A total of 365 donations were received in the course of the 5-week campaign.

"It is a Pleasure to be Able to Help"


“We at Asetek have decided to take part in Alienware’s 2021 Play Live campaign, too, when we will again donate the first prize. It is a great pleasure to be able to play a part in helping sick children in this way,” says Solveig Malvik, who is Director, Branding & Outbound Marketing at Asetek.

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