Liquid-Cooled Data Centers

HPC and AI workloads require high performance processors in dense configurations. The racks deployed for these applications have significantly higher power densities and air is no longer a reliable solution to cool these rack types.

Increasing Rack Power Densities


With rack power densities increasing upwards to 80kW and beyond, liquid cooling is an absolute requirement to ensure the cluster performs to its full potential. Asetek's warm water liquid cooling solution can take incoming facility water that is up to 45°C (113°F), eliminating the need for expensive and inefficient chillers.

Asetek Liquid Cooling Technology

Intel Buchanan Pass cooler with Asetek liquid cooling

D2C Ingredient Coolers

Drop-in replacements for air heat sinks that transfer heat out of the server with liquid. 

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Asetek InRackCDU Liquid Cooled Data Center Platform


Rack level direct-to-chip (D2C) solution for liquid cooled data centers.

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