CPU Coolers for System Integrators

Asetek liquid coolers deliver high performance thermal control for CPU and GPUs for sustained system operation and deep overclocking potential.

New Features with Generation 6

New Retention Mechanism

Our updated retention mechanism allows for quick and easy installation. Simply place the retention ring on the pump and twist to lock in place. It's that easy.

Upgraded Aesthetics

Braided sleeves and a new cap design provide a premium look on Gen6 products. ASUS Aura Sync RGB lighting is also available to let custom branded caps come to life. Custom cap branding is available for another level of personalization.



Gen6 120mm HEX CPU Coolers

Our 650LS and 650LX AIOs each come equipped with 120mm fan compatibility. The difference? The 650LS HEX is 120 x 120 x 27mm while the HEX dimensions on the 650LX are 120 x 120 x 49mm.

Asetek 650LS CPU Cooler


Asetek 650LX CPU Cooler


Gen6 240mm HEX CPU Coolers

Our 670LS and 670LT AIOs each come equipped with 120mm fan compatibility. The difference? The 670LS HEX is 120 x 20 x 27mm while the HEX dimensions on the 670LT are 120 x 240 x 38mm.

Asetek 670LS CPU Cooler


Asetek 670LT CPU Cooler


Gen6 280mm & 360mm HEX CPU Coolers

Our 680LS supports 140mm fan capacity with a 140 x 240 x 27mm HEX. Our 690LS supports 120mm fan capacity with a 120 x 360 x 27mm HEX.

Asetek 680LS CPU Cooler


Asetek 690LS CPU Cooler


Gen6 92mm HEX SFF CPU Cooler

Our 645LT supports 92mm fan capacity with its 92 x 92 x 35mm HEX size, ideal for small form factor cases.

Asetek 645LT SFF CPU Cooler

Retention Ring Kits

Both standard and premium retention ring kits are available. 

  • The standard kit supports Intel LGA115X, LGA20XX (square) and LGA20XX (narrow) as well as AMD TR4.
  • The premium kit provides higher quality finish and is easier to install and supports Intel LGA115X and LGA20XX (square) as well as AMD AM4 and TR4.

How to Buy

Contact your favorite System Integrator to see which of our AIO liquid coolers are part of their offering.