Advanced CPU Cooling

Maximum performance, extra cooling capacity, and our industry-recognized quality and reliability – our CPU coolers provide the cooling you need even for highly overclocked CPUs. That’s why the most popular premium AIO liquid coolers on the market are based on Asetek liquid cooling technology. 

High Performance

Hardcore gamers and DIY builders demand advanced performance from their PCs that is both reliable and also sustainable for the long haul. Here is where Asetek excels. We work closely with chip makers to effectively meet the thermal needs of each new die heading to market, from affordable mainstream solutions to thrilling enthusiast-level processors and beyond.

New Intel W-3175X 28-core Xeon Approved Cooler

The Asetek 690LX-PN liquid cooler is approved to cool the new 28-core/56 thread Intel Xeon processor, which was built with real-world performance in mind with up to 4.3 GHz single-core turbo frequency.

Our solution includes a highly efficient copper radiator, while the larger cold plate covers the entire CPU package and ensures optimal thermal contact between the CPU and socket.


Extreme Processor CPU Coolers
New Intel W-3175X 28-core Xeon Approved Cooler

AMD Threadripper 2 Approved CPU Cooler

Asetek offers a purpose-built solution for AMD’s extreme multi-core Gen 2 Threadripper processors.

The AIO was specifically engineered to cool AMD’s latest Gen 2 Ryzen Threadripper processors. “Threadripper 2” is a formidable solution for power-users and performance-driven enthusiasts who demand peak multi-processing power.

AMD Threadripper 2 Approved CPU Cooler

Asetek OEM Coolers in Action

Check out which premier brands incorporate Asetek CPU coolers in their gear.

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