CPU Coolers for System Integrators

Asetek liquid coolers deliver high performance thermal control for CPU and GPUs for sustained system operation and deep overclocking potential.

We are all about liquid cooling

For more than 20 years, premier thermal solutions from Asetek have been cooling processors around the globe. We invented the sealed loop liquid cooler and we take quality and reliability seriously. Without it, we could not have become the recognized leader of sealed loop liquid coolers with over 6-million coolers in the market. To make this possible, our coolers undergo rigorous testing to ensure reliability.

  • Performance Testing

Our liquid coolers are 100% performance tested before they leave the factory. All functions on
the assembled liquid cooler are tested prior to shipment.

  • Helium Leak Testing

We do 100% inspection of products for leaks in the factory. Each assembled liquid cooler is
filled with helium under vacuum and checked for escaping gas prior to filling. If tiny Helium
molecules cannot escape, neither can much larger water molecules.


With our Generation 6 technology, we've added new features, functionality and upgraded aesthetics for a premium look. 

Gen6 120mm HEX CPU Coolers

Our 650LS and 650LX AIOs each come equipped with 120mm fan compatibility. The difference? The 650LS HEX is 120 x 120 x 27mm while the HEX dimensions on the 650LX are 120 x 120 x 49mm.

Asetek 650LS AIO CPU Cooler


Asetek 650LX AIO CPU Cooler


Gen6 240mm HEX CPU Coolers

Our 670LS and 670LT AIOs each come equipped with 120mm fan compatibility. The difference? The 670LS HEX is 120 x 240 x 27mm while the HEX dimensions on the 670LT are 120 x 240 x 38mm.

Asetek 670LS AIO CPU Cooler


Asetek 670LT AIO CPU Cooler


Gen6 280mm & 360mm HEX CPU Coolers

Our 680LS supports 140mm fan capacity with a 140 x 280 x 27mm HEX. Our 690LS supports 120mm fan capacity with a 120 x 360 x 27mm HEX.

Asetek Gen6 680LS AIO liquid cooler for SIs


Asetek 690LS AIO CPU Cooler


Retention Ring Kits

Both standard and premium retention ring kits are available.

  • Standard Kit

The standard kits supports Intel LGA1200/115X, LGA20XX (square) and LGA20XX (narrow) as well as AMD TR4.

  • Premium Kit

The premium kit provides higher quality finish and is easier to install and supports Intel LGA1200/115X and LGA20XX (square) as well as AMD AM4.

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How to Buy

Contact your favorite System Integrator to see which of our AIO liquid coolers are part of their offering.