A New Way to GPU

Rad Card™ – Bringing Liquid Cooled GPUs to Space-Constrained PC Cases

Rad Card: Revolutionary Slot-in PCIe Radiator Card

Space concerns are a real issue for PC manufacturers, leaving GPU air cooling as the only option, until now. The unique design of our Rad Card GPU Cooler solves space issues, enhances GPU cooling performance, and provides for a clean look in your PC gaming system.


➤  Enables liquid cooled GPUs in smaller cases, leaving room for a liquid cooled CPU in the same case
➤  Fits into your motherboard’s PCIe slot, just like any other add-in card


➤  Superior cooling performance over air-cooled GPU in a small chassis
➤  Ensures GPU stability and limits thermal throttling


➤  Eliminates the hassle and clutter of tube routing for a clean and sparse system environment

Rad Card in Action

Asetek’s Rad Card technology was first available in Alienware’s Aurora R11 PC. Alienware results:

  • With Alienware’s liquid-cooled 2080 SUPER GPU you can reduce noise by up to 69% and GPU temperatures by up to 20%
  • Enables liquid-cooled GPU and CPU in a small area
  • Improved cooling over air; solid stability, up to +6% improvement
  • No tube routing for a sparse system environment.

Rad Card - An Innovation Story

Get a behind the scenes look at the innovation that resulted in our Rad Card, developed specifically to bring GPU cooling to space constrained PCs. Listen to Anders and Lars from Asetek Global R&D and Mechanical Engineering teams talk about brainstorming, prototyping and testing to create this innovative GPU cooler.

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