Aurora R11 with Asetek Rad Card™

Game Quieter, Cooler.

Developed with Alienware challenges in mind, the Rad Card GPU Cooler by Asetek is the industry’s first slot-in PCIe Radiator. With Alienware’s liquid cooled 2080 SUPER GPU you can reduce noise by up to 69% and GPU temperature by up to 20%, according to Alienware.

Rad Card GPU Cooler Benefits in Aurora R11

  • Space: Enables liquid cooled GPU and CPU in a small area
  • Performance: Improved cooling over air; solid stability, up to +6% improvement
  • Aesthetics: No tube routing for a sparse system environment

Aurora R11 Tech Talk Review

Alienware’s Ernie Gonzales reviews the new Aurora R11 with its Alienware first graphics cooling solution from Asetek, the Rad Card. Game quieter, cooler and get improved performance. Ernie shows how Aurora R11 has it all for serious gaming. Check it out.

Aurora R11 - Air vs Liquid GPU Cooling Performance Benchmark

Alienware’s Ernie Gonzales takes a look at the Rad Card, Asetek’s liquid cooling solution for the NVIDIA RTX 2080 SUPER found inside the Alienware Aurora R11 Gaming Desktop. Is the Liquid Cooling solution better than Air Cooling? You’ll want to check this out!