Glacier One AIO Series

The Phanteks Glacier One coolers provide advanced CPU overclocking capability, RGB lighting, and virtually silent operation to tech enthusiasts, gamers, and eSports pros. Glacier One AIOs are available in a variety of form factors including 240mm, 280mm, and 360mm radiator sizes, plus a 240mm white edition. An infinity mirror design with RGB lighting in the pump cap is standard for both black and white edition coolers. The white edition also incorporates RGB lighting on the fans.

Glacier One 240 T30

The Phanteks Glacier One 240 T30 is a high-end all-in-one liquid CPU cooler, capable of cooling powerful CPUs while operating silently. The T30-120 fans offer the ultimate in performance, quality, and flexibility.

  • 240 size AIO with 360 class performance
  • 38mm thick radiator with large surface area, and high-density fin stacks
  • Best-in-class premium T30-120 fans
  • Excellent noise-normalized performance
  • Intuitive installation
  • Cooled by Asetek’s Gen7 liquid cooling technology for reliable performance

The AIOs are made of glass fiber reinforced Liquid Crystal Polymer, feature a 3-phase motor and multiple fan modes for the best performance in any scenario.