Falcon Northwest

Asetek AIO liquid coolers enable high performance gaming and professional content creation in all Falcon Northwest systems.

These are the pioneers of the boutique PC, with a proven track record for cutting edge design and impressive performance in their builds that stretches back to 1992. Falcon Northwest systems are made to order by a skilled technician who builds each machine personally by hand. Now that’s craftsmanship! Cooled by Asetek.

New 20th Anniversary Edition Talon – versatile mid-size high-end desktops

Talon takes aim at winning over the Mac-using creator crowd with top-end components, careful thermal management and high-end metal exterior. It’s also targeted at Falcon’s game-playing clientele with options for glass sides, custom paintwork, and embracing the gaming trend Falcon has mostly resisted: RGB LED lighting.

The 20th Anniversary Edition Talon design now becomes Falcon’s highest-end product to date. It features:

  • 4mm thick sand-blasted aluminum exterior panels.
  • A custom Asetek fully-sealed liquid CPU cooling system with a massive 280mm radiator.
  • Wiring usually only seen at tradeshows: individually sleeved cables by CableMod, standard.
  • Tinted glass or solid aluminum side doors with magnetic closures for easy access to the inside.
  • An infinite variety of exterior looks with Falcon’s custom paintwork and digital printing options.

FragBox Small Form Factor PC

Falcon Northwest’s SFF PC brings users the power of a full size/tower system in the size of a shoebox. Fragbox desktops offer users a second PCI slot for wireless VR, audio or video capture-card and includes an integrated handle for easy transport. Plus Asetek 650LS liquid cooling is standard with each build.


Tiki Micro Desktop – the future of enthusiasts’ PCs

The Tiki is small, beautiful and quiet. It houses the fastest components made so Asetek-based CPU liquid cooling is the standard solution to keep processor temperatures in check and maintain smooth operation.


How to Buy

Contact Falcon Northwest for information on how to purchase.