IT Creations Inc.

IT Creations has been building custom-configured servers and professional workstations from all the major brands for almost 10 years. We are pleased to partner with Asetek to deliver exceptional CPU and GPU cooling technology to our customers who want to squeeze every last drop of performance out of their systems. Whether it’s for special effects, 3D animation, sound engineering, or accelerated and high-performance computing applications, our staff has the expertise to assemble a system to your specifications. We can also put together that custom gaming rig you’ve been dreaming of…

Custom Developer and Gaming Platforms

For our custom developer and gaming platforms, IT Creations use high-end cases plus other components from the top manufacturers to assemble systems that not only perform, but won’t break the bank. We also carry most, if not all of the parts and components you’ll need in our 35,000 sq. ft. warehouse! As an added bonus, IT Creations is partners with Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA!

IT Creations offers:

  • Complete turnkey solutions
  • Custom integration for both Intel and AMD
  • Large choice of processors
  • On-site parts warehouse
  • Extended warranties on custom builds
  • Exceptional pricing
  • Fast service and delivery
  • 24-hour mission critical services

How to Buy

Visit IT Creations to browse for servers and professional workstation, plus parts and components.