Shark Gaming

Shark Gaming has a passion for hardware and Gaming. Shark Gaming produces some of the most wildest systems on the market, and is focused on providing customers with the best possible gaming experience. Shark Gaming incorporates Asetek liquid cooling technology in its Esport Edition Gaming PC. Cooled by Asetek.

Esport Edition Gaming PC

Shark Gaming’s Esport Edition incorporates Asetek technology in the Bloodfreezer RGB all-in-one, its maintenance-free and low-noise water cooling system. Other features include:

  • The industry’s best Silver Cert. PSU (SG Blood Pump)
  • High-end gaming enclosure with perfect airflow
  • High-end Gaming RAM with aluminum cooler profile
  • High-End Gaming motherboards
  • Dedicated onboard Gaming sound card
  • Dedicated onboard Gaming network card

How to Buy

Contact Shark Gaming for information on how to purchase.