Xtreme Performance Gear XPG

Xtreme Performance Gear (XPG) from ADATA provides high-performance products to gamers, eSports pros, and tech enthusiasts. Now ADATA offers Asetek-based AIO coolers. Cooled by Asetek.

XPG LEVANTE 360/240 CPU Coolers

eTeknix Review's Choice Award

“A truly ‘high-end’ performing AIO liquid cooler for a very reasonable price!

Taking all aspects of aesthetics, performance and ease of use together, the XPG Levante 240 is an excellent AIO liquid cooler. Despite it being one of the first released from ADATA, they have truly come out with a major release here that, in truth, and unlikely many other manufacturers ‘1st attempts’ really shows very few aspects that we feel can be improved.”

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The ADATA XPG LEVANTE AIO CPU Liquid Cooler Tempers a Powerful SFF Gaming System

The XPG LEVANTE 240 AIO liquid cooler is a perfect thermal solution for a budget gaming build that will help it excel at 1080p gaming.

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How to Buy

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