Asetek Adds Extreme Performance to Liquid CPU Cooling Line-Up with 570LC Model

The Asetek 570LC Brings Ultimate Overclocking Capability to Manufacturers of Extreme Gaming Rigs and Maximum Performance PCs

Asetek Inc., the world’s leading supplier of OEM liquid cooling systems for computers, is adding a new extreme performance liquid CPU cooler, the 570LC, to the company’s line of standard OEM liquid CPU cooling systems. The 570LC features a double thick, ‘fatboy’ heat exchanger for greater thermal performance and a new lower noise, lower profile, integrated pump and cold plate.

The 570LC enables PC manufacturers to factory overclock CPUs to the maximum extent, giving extreme gamers and PC enthusiasts the fastest systems possible. In a video comparison run at stock speeds, the 570LC achieves a temperature that is 10ºC lower than the stock heat sink of an Intel i7 980X.

The double thick heat exchanger is designed to utilize a single 120mm fan exhaust port, making it compatible with a wide array of computer chassis. It is intended for use with dual fans in a push/pull arrangement and outperforms single thick, 120×240 heat exchangers within the noise ranges most enthusiasts find acceptable.

“Normally adding a second fan to a system adds 3 dB(A) of noise to the system,” said Steve Branton, Director of Marketing at Asetek. “However, extensive testing in Asetek’s sound lab proves that with the fans arranged in series (push-pull) the air flow gain from two fans can be realized with only a 1 dB(A) noise increase.”
With the addition of the 570LC, Asetek rounds out their line of standard liquid CPU coolers. PC manufacturers can now choose from a full line of 120mm fan, ATX chassis compatible products, each designed for a specific PC market segment from mainstream to extreme performance. Within this product line the 570LC serves the extreme performance gaming systems and maximum performance PC markets.

All Asetek liquid CPU coolers are fully assembled, factory filled and sealed, making them as easy to install in mass production environments as an air cooler and chassis fan. Asetek standard liquid CPU coolers are available with mounting systems that are compatible with today’s popular Intel and AMD processors. Factory sealing eliminates any end user maintenance, commonly required with component-built liquid cooling systems. The 570LC will be available to Systems Integrators and OEM customers from Asetek’s North American distribution center September 27, 2010.

About Asetek
Asetek is the world leading system thermal and acoustic management solution provider to OEMs servicing the gaming, workstation and performance PC markets. The company’s liquid thermal management systems deliver superior thermal and acoustic performance in a factory sealed unit that sets new standards for reliability and suitability to large volume production. Leading OEMs use Asetek’s liquid cooling products in systems where end users demand exceptional performance, low noise and maximum reliability.

Founded in 2000, Asetek has offices in San Jose, California, Denmark and Asia. For more information, please visit

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