Asetek passed the milestone of 2 GHz CPU speed

In early January 2001 leading manufacturer of sub-zero CPU cooling technologies Asetek Inc. passed the milestone of 2 GHz CPU speed. Officially the CPU clock frequency on the VapoChill system registered as 2,004.5 MHz.

The 2 GHz milestone allows asetek® to clearly substantiate and communicate that the vapor phase cooling technology utilized in the VapoChill® system will – at any given point in time – provide commercial and private PC users with the fastest computer systems commercially available.

Demanded by the laws of physics, as can be explicitly deducted from the roadmaps of Intel® and AMD®, the VapoChill core technology will indeed, in the time to come, no longer be an option to consider but a fundamental and required piece of system hardware.

As the CPU die heat load in a 3-year period will reach 200W there is no alternative to the Asetek vapor phase cooling technologies.

As the VapoChill system – technologically and commercially – has established a rock-solid proof of concept contact to the globally established players of the computer industry has increased consistently.

In the context of the 2 GHz milestone, Asetek is proud to announce that it has initiated cooperation with ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. (ASUS). ASUS clearly recognizes the challenge of increasing CPU heat dissipation and has chosen to cooperate with Asetek: “We see the future in cooling, and we have chosen to work with Asetek regarding support of ASUS motherboards” says Mr. Richard Liu, product manager P4.

As of now the massive R&D; activities and an aggressive patent strategy quite obviously have given Asetek and its customers the key to ultimate PC performance.

A review of the VapoChill Socket is already available at Tom’s Hardware Guide ( The first review of the commercially available VapoChill system supporting the P4 CPU will be published at Hard|OCP ( within a few weeks.

VapoChill systems supporting the P4 CPU will be commercially available, expectedly, ultimo March 2001.

Asetek Inc. will present a demo 2 GHz system at CeBIT 2001, Hall 2 Stand B23, from the 22nd to the 28th March 2001.

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