Asetek SimSports® Unveils La Prima™ Pedals, Wheelbase and Formula Wheel Bundle For Immersive Sim Racing

High-Quality and Easily Upgradeable La Prima™ Bundle and Optional Clutch Provide True High-End Performance at a Highly Competitive Price Point

Aalborg, Denmark – November 11, 2022 –– Asetek, the no-compromise sim racing company and innovator of gaming hardware for next-level immersive gaming experiences, today unveiled its high-quality and easily upgradeable La Prima™ Bundle, providing sim racers an authentic racecar feel at a highly competitive price point. The bundle includes the La Prima™ Throttle and Brake Pedal Set, 12Nm wheelbase, and Formula Wheel, along with an optional La Prima™ Clutch. Now aspiring sim racers can get the ultimate racecar racing experience with the performance and reliability of Asetek SimSports® gear, along with unparalleled upgradability only offered by Asetek.

Unlike many competitors’ entry-level sim racing pedals, wheelbases and steering wheels, the La Prima™ high-value bundle includes the same high-quality components and technologies as its much more expensive siblings; Invicta™ and Forte®. As sim racers progress as drivers they can upgrade their La Prima™ Throttle and Brake Pedals to the highly praised Forte® load-cell pedals or industry-revolutionizing Invicta™ hydraulic pedals. Similarly, sim racers can upgrade their La Prima™ Wheelbase and Formula Wheel to the more powerful 18Nm Forte® Wheelbase and Forte® Formula Wheel, which include even more features and functionality.

Designed as plug’n’play, the La Prima™ products work out of the box by installing Asetek’s custom-made RaceHub™ software, which enables sim racers of all levels to easily adjust settings and personalize their set up. To learn more about the La Prima™ Bundle, watch the video here: .

La Prima™ Throttle and Brake Pedal Set:

With the same brake as the Forte® pedals, the La Prima™ Pedal Set features Asetek’s proprietary 2-stage M.L.C.P.C.™ (Mechanical Load Cell Powered Cylinder) load-cell braking technology that enables perfect trail braking and improved lap times. The die-cast aluminum throttle and brake pedals incorporate many of the features of the Forte® Pedal Set, including smooth aluminum pedal plates for a more comfortable feeling for sim racing without shoes, adjustable pedal stops, travel settings, and a pedal base with integrated heel rest. Embodying a stunning all-black design with the characteristic and praised signature Asetek SimSports® style, the La Prima™ Pedal Set is compatible with the optional La Prima™ Clutch which boasts four mechanical pedal curve settings.

La Prima™ Direct Drive Wheelbase:

The La Prima™ wheelbase offers an impressive 12Nm of force feedback, and is built on the exact same hardware and features as the top of the line 27Nm Invicta™ wheelbase, with 22-bit encoder, low latency and super detailed response, as well as Asetek SimSports® zero play, cable-free Quick Release. With its integrated power and data transfer, the Asetek SimSports® Quick Release does not rely on batteries, Bluetooth or external cables to operate.

La Prima™ Formula Steering Wheel:

The La Prima™ Formula wheel provides sim racers the strength and stiffness of a real racecar wheel, with the added benefit of allowing the user to easily upgrade or personalize over time.

Based on an injection molded chassis featuring a carbon, glass and plastic composite material allied to a metal spider interface for a stiff,  non-flexing wheel, which allows the user to change or upgrade the handles for maximum customization.

The wheel includes many of the features of the Asetek SimSports® Forte® Formula wheel along with its laser-etched forged carbon exterior, plus plenty of inputs, including two 7-way Kinky Switches and three 12-way encoders.

The ergonomic handles are made in a soft and durable silicone rubber, which is easy to clean and will give the user ultimate comfort and control, with or without racing gloves. The handles in the La Prima™ bundle provide a perfect fit and grip for average size hands. Asetek SimSports® also offers extra large size handles for larger hands. Sim racers will have the option to easily change the handles to quickly implement future upgrades to color, size, shape and hardness.

Sim racers can place their pre-order for the La Prima™ Bundle by going to

Starting in 2023, sim racers can place their orders for Asetek SimSports® Upgrade Kits with Asetek SimSports® authorized resellers.

  • La Prima™ Pedals to Forte® Pedals Upgrade Kit: Includes ARGB LEDs and a throttle assembly with spring load adjustment
  • Forte® Pedals to Invicta™ Pedals Upgrade Kit: Includes the Invicta™ T.H.O.R.P.™ (Twin Hydraulic Opposing Rapid Pistons) hydraulic brake cylinder and the grippier all-aluminium Invicta™ pedal plates
  • La Prima™ Clutch to Invicta™ Clutch Upgrade Kit: Includes ARGB LEDs and a clutch assembly emulating the feel of a real clutch bite point
  • La Prima™ Wheelbase to Forte® Wheelbase Upgrade Kit: Includes 4x ARGB LEDs, wheelbase motherboard and a new power supply. Enables sim racers to upgrade to the more powerful 18 Nm Forte® wheelbase
  • La Prima™ Wheel to Forte® Wheel Upgrade Kit: Includes new wheel motherboard, with more thumb wheels, switches and LEDs, a carbon face plate and enables addition of DRS / clutch paddles

In addition to sim racing pedal sets, pedal upgrade kits, and pedal plates, wheelbases, and wheels, Asetek SimSports® will also offer shifters, rigs, and other end-user customization options.


About Asetek

A Danish garage-to-stock-exchange success story and global leader in mechatronic innovation, Asetek (ASTK.OL) designs, manufactures and sells gaming hardware for next-level immersive gaming experiences. Founded in 2000, Asetek established its innovative position as the leading OEM developer and producer of the all-in-one liquid cooler for all major PC & Enthusiast gaming brands. In 2013, Asetek went public. In 2021, Asetek expanded its offering of gaming hardware solutions when it introduced its line of products for next-level immersive SimSports gaming experiences. Asetek is headquartered in Denmark and has operations in China, Taiwan and the United States.

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