Asetek To Offer Liquid Cooling Solutions For Increasing Performance, Density And Energy Efficiency In Data Centers

Asetek to Offer a Range of Solutions to Address the Growing Cooling Challenges Facing Data Centers Today

Asetek Inc., the world’s leading supplier of liquid cooling solutions for computers, announced today that it will offer a range of liquid cooling solutions to address a diverse set of cooling challenges facing modern HPC clusters data centers. These challenges range from reducing latency in high frequency trading applications, to increasing performance and density in servers, HPC clusters and data centers and decreasing the amount of energy used for cooling. All of these solutions utilize the company’s proven CPU and GPU cooling technology which is commercially deployed today in hundreds of thousands of computers around the world.

The benefit of Asetek liquid cooling technology is its efficiency in removing heat directly from processors and moving that heat to an optimal place for transferring it to the environment. The success of Asetek’s technology results from its reliability, affordability and suitability for installation in high volume computer manufacturing. Asetek data center liquid cooling solutions utilize this technology to provide three general levels of server cooling:

  • Internal Loop Liquid Cooling™ enables the use of the fastest processors, including high wattage processors, in high density servers.
  • RackCDU Liquid Cooling™ removes processor and or GPU heat from rack servers and blades out of the data center without the use of traditional computer room air conditioners or water chillers, enabling extreme densities on server, rack and data center level. The strongest value proposition however, that the solution uses free outside ambient air cooling allowing around 50% power savings on the data center cooling cost.
  • Sealed Server Liquid Cooling™ removes all server heat from the data center via liquid; literally no air from inside the data center is used for server cooling. This solution enables high density with high performance processors and ambient room temperature server cooling.

“We have studied the server market and engaged with our customers. While much of what is written suggests that the problem of data center cooling is monolithic, we have discovered the need is for a diverse set of solutions to meet specific data center performance, density and efficiency objectives,” said André Sloth Eriksen, Founder and CEO of Asetek. “Using proven Asetek technology to engineer a range of cooling solutions gives Asetek a unique ability to address the wide diversity of cooling challenges that exist in the HPC and data center market today.”

Leveraging its existing CPU and GPU liquid cooling technology brings both proven reliability and high volume cost advantages to Asetek’s data center liquid cooling solutions. Low pressure system design is a cornerstone of Asetek’s proven reliability. Low pressure puts less stress on joints and connections, substantially reducing failures. The company’s integrated pump–cold plate units for CPU and GPU cooling are well suited for supplying redundancy in servers with multiple processors. All liquid channels are helium integrity tested and all systems are liquid filled and sealed at the factory for its life time, eliminating the need for any liquid handling by the server OEM, or data center operator.  Additional information on Asetek data center cooling solutions is available at

About Asetek
Asetek is the world leading provider of CPU and GPU liquid cooling systems for thermal and acoustic management. The company’s solutions are used by leading OEMs servicing the gaming, workstation and performance PC and data center markets. The company’s liquid thermal management systems deliver superior thermal and acoustic performance in a factory sealed unit that sets new standards for reliability and suitability to large volume production. Leading OEMs use Asetek’s liquid cooling products in systems where end users demand exceptional performance, low noise and maximum reliability.

Asetek technology is also a favorite choice among DIY and enthusiast computer builders. Asetek cooling technologies are available to DIY and enthusiast builders through Intel® and several well respected enthusiast brands. Please see the Partner Products pages on our web site for details.

Founded in 2000, Asetek has offices in San Jose, California, Denmark and Asia. For more information, please visit

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