Maingear Selects Asetek to Cool New, Powerful F131 Gaming PCs

Intel Core i7-based Custom Gaming PCs Deliver Outstanding Thermal Performance at Extremely Low Noise Levels.

Asetek announced today that its popular LCLC liquid cooling solution has been chosen by MAINGEAR Computers for their latest generation of high performance, luxury custom computers. Based on Intel’s powerful Core i7 and Core i7 Extreme processors, the newest F131 systems can handle the most extreme gaming and entertainment applications.

“We’re confident the Asetek liquid-cooling unit is the premium solution for our i7 based F131. It has proven to be both powerful and reliable with very low noise, which is why it’s our choice when choosing a cooler for our overclocked i7 platform,” says Wallace Santos, CEO and founder of MAINGEAR Computers.

“MAINGEAR looked at all the cooling options available and we are extremely pleased that they chose Asetek as their thermal management partner,” says Gary Baum, Asetek’s Senior VP of Marketing & Sales. “Asetek’s liquid cooling technology enables MAINGEAR to deliver computing solutions that achieve extremely high performance at much lower noise levels than air cooled designs of the past can provide”

Noise level is often cited as an issue in high performance PCs.Not any longer. Asetek’s advanced liquid cooling significantly lowers system noise over traditional air cooling methods—while providing substantially improved system performance. With liquid cooling the CPU runs cool even under the most demanding conditions. Maximum overclocking is now a breeze and annoying fan noise is virtually eliminated—creating a pleasant computing experience.

According to Baum, “Leading systems integrators and premier OEMs throughout the world continue to select Asetek’s thermal management solution for their advanced computing systems. Our advanced liquid cooling solutions are the most elegant, quiet, and reliable on the market today.

Note: Asetek’s liquid cooling solutions are OEM ready. Each new design undergoes rigorous reliability and environmental testing. Shock, vibration, and thermal stress testing assures a 50,000 hour operational lifetime with no end-user maintenance required. This highly reliable, no maintenance system is ideal for large volume OEMs looking for outstanding thermal performance with exceptionally low noise.

About Asetek

Founded in 2000, Asetek is the world leading system thermal and acoustic management solution provider. Specialized designs incorporating liquid-cooling, vapor phase or vapor chamber technologies are utilized in providing OEM design solutions. These solutions are designed for applications where end-users demand exceptional performance, low noise and maximum reliability. Asetek’s strong brand name products such as VapoChill® and WaterChill™ are often the favorite choice of enthusiast grade cooling solutions having obtained more than 200 international press awards in the past decade.

Asetek is headquartered in Denmark with offices in San Jose, California and Asia. Asetek works actively with leading-edge companies within the industry to ensure cost effective thermal performance, low acoustic noise and system reliability is achieved. For more information, please visit

About Maingear
MAINGEAR is the premier high performance systems integrator in North America. MAINGEAR custom builds gaming, home office, mobile, multimedia, small business and 3D workstation solutions of the highest quality, which have won them many editors’ choice awards in every major computer publication such as C-Net,[H]ard/OCP, Maximum PC, CPU Magazine, etc. For more information on MAINGEAR, please visit or call, toll-free, (888)624-6432.

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