Packard Bell Unveils ipower X2.0 Gaming Machine, with Asetek LCLC Liquid Cooling

Packard Bell has unveiled its new gaming machine, the ipower X2.0, at the Electronic Sports World Cup in Paris. The new “second-generation” machine is said to be aimed at the mass gaming market, and will hit stores around Christmas at prices between €999 to €1799.

To satisfy the image-conscious gamers who say that design is one of the top criteria for them in a machine, the chassis shows off its inner secrets through a translucent siding with red LED trim lights.

The chassis has obviously been designed with high performance gaming in mind. As overheating is a big problem for gamers, Packard Bell has installed three 120mm fans with intelligent power management to generate optimal airflow. For modding enthusiasts, the Asetek liquid cooling system gives the ipower X2.0 a low noise footprint and more efficient heat dissipation. The rest of the tower case has a black, high gloss finish, giving the machine a dramatic, modern look.

“We’re very happy to present our newest gaming PC to the public for the first time at the Gaming World Cup. The ipower X2.0 was designed to meet the needs of all PC gamers, from pro players to league competitors and hobbyists”, said Emmanuel Fromont, vice president sales and marketing at Packard Bell.

He added: “With this launch, Packard Bell extends its commitment to the world of gaming, and we hope our participation will help expand this exciting market space”.

Steve Branton
Asetek, Inc.
[email protected]

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