Read what HardOCP had to say about the VapoChill

First off, what the hell is a VapoChill?

It is a case module made in Denmark that has a patented Vapor Phase cooling unit mounted in the top of it that is capable of getting your CPU to BELOW FREEZING temperatures while under a load depending on your specific conditions. The difference between this one, and the other one on the market is very simple when it comes to what is important to us OCers. The VapoChill unit is packaged for the speed freaks that like to build and tweak their own systems. You can purchase this unit “stripped down” and put any board/CPU combination in it you want. There is certainly more to this, but we will get to that later.

We have been working with the folks at Asetek for quite a while now, somewhere in the one year range. They manufacture and market a Vapor Phase cooling rig that has gone over pretty damn good in Europe. The US market is a little different and we have been trying to help them get ready to make the leap across that big ditch known as the Atlantic. After countless hours of testing with the VapoChill, yes it was grueling and NO FUN WHATSOEVER (yeah right), we finally think the Vapochill is ready for the American market.

To give you an idea of exactly what this thing is, we will give you some brief descriptions of how this thing works. You know we are NOT big on specs, and quite frankly neither is Asetek, but they can be if you want them to, but here are the basics.

VapoChill™ consists essentially of technology that can be found in any home – a refrigerator. Not entirely with the exact same components, but the principles are the same. The main component in the system is a 12V DC cooling compressor driven by the computers Power supply. ASETEK is pending for patents on this technology in USA and a variety of other countries. This cooling compressor pumps out fluent refrigerant under pressure inside a vaporizer. This vaporizer is installed on the processor. In the vaporizer the refrigerant expands and it begins to boil. Heat is absorbed causing the coolant to boil. The heat is removed from the processor and the processor is cooled down. Whenever water boils, in time the water will vaporize and that goes for refrigerant too. When the refrigerant is vaporized, it returns to the condenser where it is cooled, returned to liquid form, and begins the cycle again. Read the whole thing here.

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