VapoChill awarded at

Since the dark ages of computing we have known this for a fact, cooler is better. If you ever overclocked any piece of hardware, you know that heat is a big issue and serious cooling is required. After going through tons of fan/heatsink combo’s you start to wonder if any of them make a real difference. Do two degrees Celsius make a real difference? Well it’s more of a 50-50 thing, sometime they do sometime they don’t. Till now your best bet to get somewhere was to buy a peltier based cooler, but peltiers are pretty damn dangerous and you would risk frying your whole system at the slightest mistake. The end to this problem? The Vapochill of course. What is it? Well an active refrigeration case system which is only currently provided by Minotaur Technologies in the US. Based on the same technology as small house fridge’s and air conditioners, the Vapochill cools down a cold plate to -15C, thus providing the best cooling out there.

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