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Art form, hobby, addiction…. whatever you want to call it, Over-Clocking and the quest for every last MHz. that can be wrung out of a CPU, is beginning to become a national and global past time. With each new Motherboard, CPU, Heat Sink or Over-Clocking tool, new plateaus of performance are being reached that were unattainable with standard equipment. The “need for speed” has truly been the mother of invention.
Some extreme over-clocking setups begin in the lab and others still are conceived in a garage or basement. In either case, the people behind the cause usually have a relentless drive for more power. There is a certain “machismo” in this breed of person (yes, even the Lady Overclockers too) and when something new comes to market that breaks new ground with respect to over-clocking, people just have to have it.

This is HotHardware’s look into the netherworld of “hardcore” over-clocking with a new tool that is available to the “Speed Freaks” of Personal Computing, the Asetek Vapochill Vapor Phase Refrigeration System and Case.

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