VapoChill now supporting Intel P4 CPU’s

VapoChill now supporting Intel P4 CPU’s

In the wake of previous months’ internal tests of various VapoChill/P4 configurations asetek is now ready to offer official support on Intel P4 CPU’s.

The solution. Technically the P4 support is based on two newly developed components: (1) a P4 CPU heating element and (2) a set of P4 socket clips.

Availability. Apart from being available on preassembled VapoChill P4 systems the two components are also available as a “P4 Socket kit”, which can be obtained for upgrade purposes of existing VapoChill Socket A /FCPGA systems.

Both VapoChill P4 systems and the upgrade kit (P4 Socket kit) is available from the asetek reseller network.

Motherboard support. With the above P4 components the standard VapoChill system currently supports the Abit TH7 RAID.

The Asus P4T motherboard is supported only on special VapoChill systems, preassembled with a longer heat transfer path (hose). This specially made VapoChill system may not or only with difficullty support other motherboards, why it is marketed as a specific VapoChill Asus P4T system.

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