VapoChill now supports FCPGA CPU’s

We are proud to announce that the VapoChill cooling system now supports the FCPGA CPU’s through a Slot1 —> FCPGA adapter card. With this the VapoChill is the most flexible cooling system around, as we are the only one to support both Slot and socket PC processor’s currently on the market. The VapoChill suports the following processor’s:

Celeron Slot1
Celeron Socket 370 (with Slot1 —> S370 adapter)
Celeron II FCPGA (with Slot1 —> FCPGA adapter)
Pentium II Slot1
Pentuim III Slot1
Pentuim III FCPGA (with Slot1 —> FCPGA adapter)
Athlon SlotA

Cyrix Joshua (with Slot1 —> S370 adapter)

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