VapoChill selected for the Power Box at Tom’s Hardware Guide

“Right now there is no better super-cooling solution available than asetek’s VapoChill, which is why it was chosen as one of the integral components of the Power Box. Thanks to VapoChill the Athlon in the Power Box is running at 1600 MHz.

The usage of VapoChill is actually not as crazy as it might seem. If you realize the price difference between Athlon and Pentium 4, the $650 for the VapoChill doesn’t weigh quite as much.

In most applications Tom’s Hardware Guide’s Power Box was able to leave the high-end competition far behind. At the same time the Power Box is a real system, running quietly and reliably without making any headaches.

Even the price of this box remains within reasonable limits. Basically, it’s nothing else than a high-end Athlon-system, such as the Millennia XP boxes offered by Micron. The only difference is that we used asetek’s VapoChill and a specially selected Athlon-CPU. VapoChill goes for $650, but please don’t forget that an Athlon 1200 plus VapoChill is not that much more expensive than a Pentium 4 processor.”

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