How To Heel-and-Toe: Intro to an Advanced Driving Technique


In this video, you’ll get an introduction to the heel-and-toe driving technique. The heel-and-toe technique is an advanced driving technique formerly used in several race types in the ’80s and ’90s. Heel-and-toe is not so common anymore because of the computers in modern race cars.

But if you want to drive a race car from the ’80s on a racing simulator, you’ll have to use the heel-and-toe technique because there is no computer to help you. It’s a complex technique to master but a great deal of fun!

Consider this: A hard brake pedal will allow you to brake later.

Imagine having a brake pedal with 5cm of travel versus a brake pedal with almost zero travel. You are going 300 km/h down a straight. With the long travel brake, it will physically take you perhaps 1/10 of a second to reach full braking power. If you have three hard braking zones on a track, you will lose 3/10 of a second each lap.

The Top 10 in F1 or GT3 is frequently determined in way less than 3/10 of a second. The conclusion is that we at Asetek SimSports have developed the Invicta pedals to replicate a real race car. Why?

Because it is the fastest but may not be what feels the best. It is your choice whether to be the quickest or have a brake pedal that feels soft and comfortable.

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