Quality and reliability at Asetek SimSports


In this video, you’ll hear about our development philosophy when making sim racing products. Asetek’s history with developing liquid coolers for some of the biggest gaming brands in the world has taught us the importance of quality.

To quote our CEO André Eriksen: “We don’t want to see our products more than once, and that’s when we say goodbye to them”.

André gives a specific example where our rigorous testing led to a design change in the Invicta pedals. In spite of withstanding more than 100.000 activations, our engineers realized they had to optimize even further. That led to a change in the pedal arms that you will see in the video.

To avoid seeing our Invicta pedals after shipment, we’ve been testing several models and iterations for more than a million activations. All to create the highest quality and extreme reliability in a product that has to handle being stepped on for hours at a time.

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