Benefits of Asetek’s Data Center Liquid Cooling

Data centers around the globe are being mandated to simultaneously increase energy efficiency, consolidate operations and reduce  costs. Each year, data centers consume approximately two percent of global power consumption. Asetek has leveraged its expertise as the world leading provider of efficient liquid cooling systems to create solutions for data centers that address these mandates by providing energy savings, cost savings, density increases and noise reduction.

Energy Savings: With the explosive growth of cloud computing, data center cooling is one of the world’s fastest-growing energy problems. Asetek’s data center liquid cooling technology removes heat from CPUs, GPUs, memory modules and other hot spots within servers and takes it all the way out of the data center using liquid. There it can be cooled for free using outside ambient air or recycled for building heat or hot-water. Asetek’s solutions takes advantage of free outdoor ambient air cooling in almost any climate in the world and no power is used to actively chill the water.  The water that comes out of the servers is surprisingly hot, at a temperature around 140 degrees Fahrenheit (60 degrees Celsius), enabling data centers to reuse this heat as an energy source for other applications such as central heating or hot water. Asetek’s data center cooling technology has the ability to reduce global data center energy consumption by up to 50 billion kilowatt-hours annually, equaling the output of almost six nuclear power plants, leading to a savings of more than $10bn per year.

Cost Savings: Asetek is changing the paradigm of liquid cooling for data centers by making it cost-effective for all data centers, not just the small handful of enormous supercomputers that use it today. No matter how good for the environment a given technology might be, the fact is that most data center are being asked to reduce costs. The cost of an Asetek data center liquid cooling system can typically be repaid within a period of less than 12 months through a combination of energy, equipment and maintenance savings. For an idea of how much Asetek’s RackCDU can save your data center, visit the Savings Calculator. By creating a solution that provides a quick return on investment and low service costs, Asetek has revolutionized liquid cooling for the data center.

Density Increases: Increasing the density per rack, and for the data center as a whole, enables a data center operator to obtain the most compute power in as little space as possible. Asetek makes deploying high density racks more practical at a data center scale while simultaneously reducing data center cooling energy consumption. Density increases can happen on the server or the data center level. With individual servers, Asetek enables the use of higher Thermal Design Power (TDP) CPUs and GPU. This ability to use higher TDP processors translates to higher performance. In addition, smaller form factors are able to be used without the heat barrier that would be present in a traditional air cooled system when using high performance processors.

Noise Reduction: It has been well established in the workstation market that reduced noise leads to increased productivity. What many don’t realize is that noise level should also be a concern for data center operators. As more and more servers are added to the data center, the number of fans to keep them cool also increases. Unfortunately, with fans comes noise. With Asetek’s data center liquid cooling solutions, data centers that were previously above noise thresholds can now operate within safe noise levels. The reason this is possible is because Asetek’s efficient liquid cooling enables fans to spin much slower (leading to an 8-10% power savings in the process). Slower fans translate into lower noise, making data centers quieter, safer and more productive places to work.

You can read more about the benefits of Asetek’s data center liquid cooling solutions here.

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