Welcome LIAN LI Galahad II LCD AIO Cooler A New Liquid Cooling Partner Enters The Chat

It’s official. LIAN LI is now a valued liquid cooling partner here at Asetek. Moveover, their first stab with us is nothing short of bold, ambitious, and highly capable. The LIAN LI Galahad II LCD AIO cpu cooler has landed to offer a premium flagship solution for the discerning builder who pulls no punches when it comes to system cooling. 

Newsflash: CPU thermal design power (TDP) is on the rise. Take Intel’s new Raptor Lake processor refresh, for instance. PC enthusiasts and reviewers are seeing upwards of 370W drawn from a system’s power supply (PSU). Talk about “smoking!” Under these conditions, highly efficient and effective thermal management, such as what we see from Asetek liquid cooling solutions, shifts from an exotic PC building meta to a must-have for many PC builders and overclockers.

The LIAN LI Galahad II LCD AIO is powered by Asetek Gen8 cooling technology. Gen8 includes a plethora of innovations that deliver up to 2°C/100W improvement over its industry leading Gen7 liquid cooling technology. This is our most advanced cooling technology to date, designed from the ground up and optimized for Intel 13th and 12th Gen processors as well as AMD Ryzen™ 7000 and 5000 Series processors. Take that, rising TDP!

By focusing on how the individual components that constitute an all-in-one liquid cooler interact with each other and how collectively they affect performance, Asetek’s most advanced technology to date includes:

  • A new performance-engineered pump featuring a 3-phase motor for higher flow and quieter operation
  • Larger diameter rubber tubes, larger HEX tubes and tanks, as well as wider and smoother flow paths in the pump to reduce impedance
  • A newly designed square cold plate optimized for the latest Intel and AMD processors
  • Optimized HEX designs that increase overall surface area and, at the same time, reduce air flow impedance
  • Under-the-hood system enhancements resulting in even quieter operation versus previous generations

Asetek and LIAN LI have joined forces to create the cutting-edge Galahad II LCD CPU coolers. These innovative cooling solutions, driven by Asetek’s Gen8 technology, come in two sleek color options – black and white – and are available in two radiator sizes: 280mm and 360mm, catering to a wide range of form factors and cooling needs.

One standout feature of these coolers is the inclusion of a 2.88″ LCD screen boasting an impressive 480×480 resolution. This screen serves as an information hub, displaying critical system data like CPU/GPU temperatures, system load, pump RPM, and coolant temperature.

What sets these coolers apart is the enhanced L-Connect 3 software that offers users an array of customization options for the LCD display. With the ability to upload custom videos* and access a built-in video editor, users can personalize their cooling setup like never before. This software introduces a groundbreaking feature, allowing users to record gameplay videos and images for display on the pump cap – a first-of-its-kind functionality for AIO coolers in this premium category.

Furthermore, the L-Connect 3 software provides a collection of included presets and filters that users can effortlessly apply to any imported images and GIFs, ensuring an all-encompassing and immersive experience.

We are insanely proud of Gen8 and absolutely love how LIAN LI has leveraged the innovative cooling tech. But don’t take our work for it. Check out a few Galahad II reviews and PC build features we’ve pulled for your convenience.



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