Advanced GPU Cooling

High-performance GPUs are the most sought-after component by gaming enthusiasts for their ability to drive a visually rich and ultra-smooth gaming experience. This is why our GPU coolers are designed for greater overclocking potential to boost performance over stock air cooling solutions while also improving acoustics for quieter operation.

We work closely with our OEM partners to ensure our AIO GPU solutions provide the most value for users. They are often overclocked right out of the box for long and exhilarating gaming sessions at peak performance.

High Performance

Our GPU coolers are designed for improved acoustics and greater overclocking potential over stock air cooling solutions.

Today, we continue to innovate to provide extreme performance, reliability, and quality so that users can eke out the maximum performance from their systems. Learn more

GPU AIO Coolers

Our AIO GPU coolers are available in ready-to-go combo solutions or kit packages that can be installed to compatible GPUs. Such coolers provide great value and advanced performance for users to crank up those in-game settings and they are often overclocked right out of the box for long high-intensity binge-gaming.

Added benefits of our GPU AIO coolers:

  • Factory filled and sealed, no refilling needed
  • Install and forget with zero-maintenance
  • Tubing is highly flexible, with low permeability
GPU AIO Coolers

Asetek OEM Coolers In Action

Check out which premier brands incorporate Asetek GPU coolers in their gear.

Gaming OEM Partners

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How to Buy

If you are interested in an Asetek cooler for your rig, contact your favorite System Integrator, or look for premier AIOs from our OEM Partners.