Vice Chairman, Denmark

Erik Damsgaard

Experienced Managing Director with a demonstrated history of working in the electrical and electronic manufacturing industry.

The last 19 years Erik has been employed at OJ Electronics a leader in the HVAC and Floor heating industry.

Educated from Aalborg University with a M.Sc. in Electronics and later with a diploma in Business Economics from Aarhus University. Strong business development professional with a EMP, Executive Management Program focused in Strategy, innovation and management designed for top managers from INSEAD. Erik holds the chairman position in the Danish Service and Distributor company Masentia A/S since January 2014. The 2017 acquisition of a similar organization in Sweden has also added the position as Chairman in Masentia Holding AB, Värnamo.

In his earlier life Erik was the chairman in PBI-Dansensor when it was successfully sold to the US based MOCON of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

For a comprehensive list of this board members other board positions, etc. please see the latest annual report.

Erik Damsgaard is classified as an independent board member. Mr. Damsgaard was born in 1964.





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