Asetek Showcases Latest Data Center Efficiency Solutions At International Supercomputing Conference

ISC’13 Poised to Raise Awareness of Hot Water Liquid Cooling in Europe

Asetek will showcase its latest energy saving data center liquid cooling solutions at the International Supercomputing Conference (ISC’13) in Leipzig, Germany – June 17-20, 2013.  These solutions, the RackCDU™ and In-Server Air Conditioning (ISAC), provide data centers with cooling cost reductions exceeding 80%, density increases of 2.5x, and the ability to recycle up to 80% of their waste heat. Presentations and live demonstrations will be available at Asetek’s booth #271.

“The combination of financial and political forces makes Europe a strong market for Asetek liquid cooling,” said Steve Branton, Asetek’s Senior Director of Marketing for the Data Center Business Unit. “The solutions that we are showing at ISC’13 reflect our continued innovation in bringing energy efficiency to both small and large data centers.”

Asetek will highlight its direct-to-chip (D2C) RackCDU™ hot-water liquid cooling system with prototype servers from HP, Cisco and Fujitsu. In addition, Cray’s supercomputer CS300-LC with RackCDU will be on display. RackCDU is a hot water, direct-to-chip, data center liquid cooling system that enables cooling energy savings of up to 80% and density increases of 2.5x when compared to modern air cooled data centers. RackCDU removes heat from CPUs, GPUs, memory modules and other hot spots within servers and takes it out of the data center using liquid where it can be released for free using outside air, or recycled to generate building heat and hot-water. RackCDU is currently available for deployment.

Asetek will also show a prototype of its next generation ISAC RackCDU system. ISAC is a warm water liquid cooling system that makes it possible to operate servers in hostile environments and in data centers without Computer Room Air Conditioners (CRAC).

ISC’13 is positioned to reach the EU supercomputing community and to raise awareness within the community of what is possible with hot-water liquid cooling. European energy markets make the financial benefits of Asetek RackCDU quite strong for data centers operating in the EU. The high server utilization rates common in HPC data centers shorten the time to reaching a positive ROI from Asetek’s liquid cooling. In addition, the European Union’s strong stance on environmental leadership provides a favorable social climate that encourages companies and data centers to innovate in energy efficiency.

For more information about Asetek’s RackCDU, appointments can be scheduled at ISC’13 by sending an email to [email protected].

About Asetek 
Asetek is the world leading provider of energy efficient liquid cooling systems for data centers, servers, workstations, gaming and high performance PCs. Its products are used for reducing power and greenhouse emissions, lowering acoustic noise, and achieving maximum performance by leading OEMs and channel partners around the globe.

Asetek’s products are based upon its patented all-in-one liquid cooling technology with more than 1.4 million liquid cooling units deployed in the field. Founded in 2000, Asetek is headquartered in Denmark with offices in San Jose, California, China and Taiwan. For more information, visit

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