MSI Reveals MEG CoreLiquid S Series Liquid Coolers, Powered By Asetek

MSI is officially announcing their latest AIO, the MEG CoreLiquid S Series Liquid Cooler. And there’s plenty that sets the MEG apart from the crowd, enough to get anyone excited!

This liquid cooler is powered by Asetek liquid cooling technology including the 7th generation pump. This is the absolute top-of-the-line in liquid cooling, both powerful and quiet. There’s no better way to keep a CPU frosty without moving to liquid nitrogen.

MSI ups the ante by combining Asetek’s best with the company’s own MEG Silent Gale P12. This dead-quiet fan was designed by MSI, and is made to be a whisper. The “Fan 0 RPM Mode” maintains passive cooling without any fan operation. And, for forgetful users who leave this mode enabled, should the CPU ever hit 80C, no worries. Liquid crystal polymer fans are designed to improve airflow and longevity while reducing noise, so you can push your rig harder without extra noise pollution.

Toss in a 2.4-inch LCD panel for even more brownie points. The MEG CoreLiquid sports this IPS display that’s customizable to show just about anything. Whether you want to see your desktop’s performance numbers or Nyan cat flying eternally as a Gif, you can do it.

There are two models of the MEG CoreLiquid, a tri-fan 360mm and a dual-fan 280mm. Smaller rigs will see similar performance thanks to the larger 140mm fans, which is a blast. We can’t wait to play around the the MSI MEG CoreLiquid S Series liquid coolers.

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