Asetek Inc. announces publication of new web sites

Asetek Inc. leading manufacturer of vapour phase sub zero CPU cooling systems has released a new corporate web. The web is divided into two parts: and is targeted at the business-to-business segment, where the corporation Asetek is presented. Additionally these sites include a closed area for asetek’s distributors and resellers as well. Asetek Inc. is actively seeking distributors and resellers worldwide and it’s possible for potentials to apply for dealership on-line. is aimed for consumers and contains detailed information about Asetek’s products. Benchmarks and tests of the vapochill performed on a variety of processors are also available here. In the support section there is a detailed FAQ and a public forum where help is provided on a consumer-to-consumer basis.

Later this summer an e-shop is introduced where consumers as well as resellers can buy and track on-line. While Asetek doesn’t want to compete against its resellers the e-shop is primarily aimed at people who don’t have a local vapochill reseller.

CEO and founder of Asetek Inc. André S. Eriksen states: “I’m proud to publish this new web as it reflects the big development Asetek has gone through since the transformation to a corporation and the establishment of a new factory in Denmark earlier this year” and continues, “This is the beginning of a new era in the vapour phase cooling industry; our R&D; department is working on several new products – both for the professional IT market and the consumer.
The increasing heat dissipation of computer processors and the problems with overheating of electronic devices in general are still on an early stage but escalates persistently. We have seen this and Asetek Inc. will be the company to approach whenever a heating problem arises. In order to ensure maximum profitability of all investments made in Asetek – by investors as well as partners – we apply for international patents on all our products”

Asetek’s current main product is the vapochill cooling system, which makes a CPU able to be accelerated, by cooling the core to -15°C. Newest benchmarks on-line are a Celeron II 667MHz thermic accelerated to 1155MHz (1.15GHz). The vapochill is aimed for the PC enthusiast who wants the fastest system available without paying a fortune, the vapochill is priced 695 USD US retail. The systems are low noise and therefore suit the music industry perfectly. Additionally, the vapochill is excellent for the 3D-graphics/CAD and simulation industry.

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